“When I started doing yoga with Mandy, I noticed many things. My legs getting leaner. My arms getting stronger, and most importantly, I noticed an inner strength. Mandy’s yoga is unique, because she allows the student to discover what “yoga“ is and means to them. I feel like I am getting a meditation, a workout, and time with my friend, all rolled into one hour.”
– Jennifer Aniston

“Mandy brings her understanding, skill, compassion and humor into my home along with her yoga mat and great music. I love Mandy and I love her yoga. And my husband is very pleased with what it has done for my behind, on a completely shallow note.”
– Kate Beckinsale

“Beyond the incredible transformation I begin to see with my body in terms of flexibility and dexterity, working with Mandy has helped me become more in tune with my body and spirit. As her student, she has helped me find a balance between a physical strength and inner strength.”
– Jennifer Lawrence

“Mandy Ingber brings joy, humor, and self-love into your workout. She’s the best.”
– Helen Hunt

“I find Mandy’s words inspiring and her choice of music is perfect to make me forget that I am dying from overexertion. She is the world’s best spinning teacher, who brings me humor while she kicks my ass.”
– Ricki Lake

“I loved being your student and found it the perfect combo of inspiring and sensitive with an underlying motivation. You made me always want to come back and do it for healthier reasons.”
– Brooke Shields

“Mandy is a great yoga teacher because she is a great yogi and a wonderful communicator and has the spirit of a poet… actually, she is a poet.”
– Woody Harrelson

“I’m a girl who never worked out, in fact, I never liked it at all. But some how with Mandy, I can’t wait for my workouts. Even throughout my pregnancy when I was huge and lazy, I still looked forward to the days when we walked and stretched. I started out (pre-pregnancy) doing spinning with Mandy, then yoga. I can’t explain how much I adore Mandy, personally, and what she has done for my body. I attribute her workouts to my simple easy wonderful birth of my daughter. My body was prepared and ready.”
– Jennifer Meyer

“Mandy starts from the inside to transform the outside. You are taken on a daily journey – all individual and equally motivating. She brings her humanity and sense of humor to her style of teaching..”
– Joely Fisher

“I give you credit for helping me feel strong enough to escape my unhappy marriage. That’s powerful! I’m really grateful to you for that and I’m so much happier!”
– Barbara Blake

“I just love you and your class, it is so much more than an exercise class. You are incredible and I always love being there with you.”
– Jeanne Lawford

“Mandy has changed my whole life.”
– Julie Silver

“I don’t know why these expressions of yours resonated with me so much…but they do…to this day…and the stories often told that accompanied them…well, your pain was my pain…your growth was my growth…I can only speak for myself…but I so related to so much of what you said in class…and I miss it greatly…you are a true gift…and when I worked out with you, I felt like I was too…because YOU made me feel truly beautiful and for you, I will always bring the love….”
– Paula Rosenberg

“For me, your classes allowed me to express emotions externally (joys or sorrows) that I typically hid deep down inside. I was about 2 months behind you when you were experienced true love (for the first time, was it?!), so I languished in your words as you shared that with the class… I though ‘how bold’ she can tell 30 people about the exuberant feeling she is going thru! I was also there when your classes became abit more business-like (maybe not the best way to describe), when you were going thru pain with Grevil, which only reminded me all too well of the broken heart I had just experience only weeks before. And I was in tears on several occasions in class after my dad passed in Summer 03…Cannot recall what you said right now that may have triggered the waterworks, but songs like ‘Born To Run’ (on One Artist Wednesdays) also trigger memories of my dad… Alot of parallel experiences between you and me in recent years, perhaps that’s just a ‘timing in life’ thing, being Capricorns and weeks apart in age and all?! Dunno, but just the way I experienced it.”

– Sarah Meltzer

“When I first starting spinning with Mandy, five plus years ago (?), I more or less tuned out all of the mandy-isms, the words of encouragement, advice, etc and just focused on the workout. I loved the class–the energy, the music, the variety–but was not particularly interested in anything more as I had been an aerobics teacher and a dancer and believed (incorrectly) that there wasn’t much anyone could tell me while I was working out that I wanted to hear. However, not long after I started taking class regularly, I started listening to what Mandy was saying and was completely charmed by her wit, her wisdom, her self-depricating humor and her life experience. And I started looking forward to class for more than just the physical lift. So, after all these years, even though I like the music loud (louder than most), I really like hearing Mandy talk and take so much from her in the way of encouragement, support and inspiration. She has a joy for life and for people, and that joy transcends the physical burn and the calorie loss achieved in her classes. Mandy rocks!”
– Karen Brodkin